7th Annual Prague American Legion Tractor Ride Sunday, June 2nd with registration at 11am and ride beginning at 12pm at Prague National Hall in Prague.

Registration fee $25 with cost for extra rider $10. Registration fee includes lunch. Lunch follows the tractor ride. For more information call Larry at 402-663-4682 or 402-613-8004.

Money raised goes toward High School Scholarships.

This event has a Google Hangouts video call.
Join: https://hangouts.google.com/hangouts/_/apps.ruralradio.com/apps-ruralradio?hceid=YXBwcy5ydXJhbHJhZGlvLmNvbV9vdGlqOWZ2bmE2ZGM2OTlibGxpb3BoazljY0Bncm91cC5jYWxlbmRhci5nb29nbGUuY29t.1t5uov43nmgd6ioo5lgu1kvpan&hs=121